Leaving Postman and what's ahead

Leaving Postman to build products and grow newsletters.

Leaving Postman and what's ahead

March 30, 2022: Received the offer letter from Postman to join as a software engineer.

April 1, 2022: Accepted the offer letter to join Postman.

June 1, 2022: Joining day

January 10, 2024: Put in my official resignation

February 9, 2024: Last working day

I wish it would have been this easy to define my time at Postman. Those 1 year and 8 months have been a ride and did help me learn things along the way and the feedback that I got.


I was in the Version Control team which handles Fork, Merge, PR, and Changelog workflow to learn about Git internals, diffs, forks, changelogs, and how those are built from the ground up keeping users and scale in mind.

Over the period of my time, I contributed to the client app which is the web app and the desktop app (both run from the same code base), the backend services related to version control, collections, and also the dreaded sync service (legacy) and also some time in the VSCode extension.


This has been a plus point for anyone who works or has worked at Postman, the culture here is exceptional.

From unlimited holidays to no fixed working hours, you did have comfort until you completed the work that was assumed of you.

All of this was extremely new and odd for me coming from a startup that had 6 day week and long working hours to this new culture but the shift was obviously easy.

Reason for leaving?

Working with a startup is more fun for me since you get the opportunity to do a lot of things which had been my past experience with Flo Mobility.

I have also realized that I would prefer to work for a company that is solving a problem that I care about.

The realization had been there for some time but there was a hesitation to not leave until I had a new job (Well, that's what they all say). But I also realized since I was not any more interested in the problem that Postman solves, it was directly affecting my learning.

People will say, it's a job you have to do it. But I care a lot about the problem that I am working to solve and how my time is spent.

What's ahead?

Since there's nothing to lean on right now, I will be going all in on building products and maybe picking some freelancing gigs to keep some income flowing. (Twitter / Mail)

Apart from building products, my focus is on growing a technical newsletter (Hello, World!) that I have been running for some time now. Currently at around 3k readers.

Some other things that I need to take care of will be to launch Inkwell (Ghost CMS theme) on Product Hunt. I have made a few hundred dollars from it by cold calling and launching it on the Ghost forum and have gotten good feedback. I think there is some potential in it.

I love Ghost CMS and using it myself for some years hosting this website. BTW this blog is using Inkwell theme.

I have also been brainstorming some ideas in some niches like Writing/CMS, AI, etc, and will be doing some quick experiments to see which needs to be built or not. DM/Mail me if you want to discuss.

I will try to update my blogs at some point in the future with what I am doing but for now, see you next time. You can also follow me on Twitter (Promise I will stay active this time)

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